My approach to Supervision

Supervision is a professional necessity that is in place to support your growth, well-being and ethical practice as a professional.


As a Supervisor, I take an embodied approach to Supervision integrating key theories and creative approaches.

I approach supervision in the same way I approach therapy; that first and foremost there needs to be a trusting relationship based on unconditional positive regard, compassion and respect. The difference here is that those conditions also reach out to the clients and professionals brought into the supervision space by you.

As the supervisor my role is to support you to explore, reflect and discover your own wisdom as the practitioner. We do this through an embodied creative approach that can encompass talking, moving, mark making, modelling and sand tray. Furthermore, supervision provides creative ways to hold the client in mind, body and soul and reflective further on who they are and the co-created therapeutic relationship.

Just as importantly supervision should be a nourishing space that is integral to your self-care as a practitioner.

My experience as a Supervisor

I have had the privilege to supervise other practitioners and student Dance Movement Psychotherapists since 2006, having gained Supervision Status with ADMPUK. Supervision of students has been in the capacity of supervising on a MA DMP training.


I have worked with groups, individuals, in person and online and have to say that every person approaches Supervision differently with different needs and desires. This adds to the richness of the supervision space and the need to develop the supervision relationship in order to trust one another before delving deeply into practice.

Who is Supervision for

Supervision in the arts therapies is defined as Clinical Supervision to differentiate between supervision focusing on client work and the psychotherapeutic dynamic and general supervision about how you are getting on in your work.


Certain sectors in the healing professions such as arts therapists, psychotherapists and trainees in these fields must have regular clinical supervision. However whether you are an arts therapist, masseur, doctor or nurse it could be interesting for you to attend Supervision; as it could be advantages to your role, the longevity in the job and your self-care.

With the emphasis on reflective practice and self-knowledge it can provide a deeper understanding of both yourself and those who you are working with, therefor how you function in relationship to them.  

You don’t have to be working with the body or creatively to receive creative embodied Supervision. This Supervision will provide alternative perspectives and levels of connection and understanding through the body mind and soul. 

As a Dance Movement Psychotherapy Supervisor I will be guiding you in a creative and embodied way providing a more holistic approach and understanding to your work and self-care.

If you belong to a profession with Supervision as a necessity then it is worth checking with your national association the guidelines on supervision e.g. what is the ratio of supervision to client work and whom can you receive Supervision from.

If you would like to talk through your Supervision needs and discuss working together please contact me. 

What does a Supervision session look like

Supervision can be facilitated in groups or individually, you can either come to me or for group supervision it can be arranged for me to attend your place of work. A session will be a minimum of an hour and the regularity will depend on your work load and professional guidelines (ADMPUK 6hours of client work to 1hour of supervision) I also offer online supervision, however this also depends on your professional guidelines.

As the Supervisor my job is to support you, offer affirmation and gently challenge, to provide creative opportunity to explore and discover. This means that the session follows your needs and will look different every time.

In the South West I work from two spaces for Supervision, Bristol and Portishead.

I have two rates of pay for individual and group sessions; students are charged at a discounted rate.

If you are interested in discovering more and the website doesn’t answer your questions feel free to contact me.

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