Bringing Dance with Difference into the Work Place

There are a variety of ways Dance with Difference can benefit your work place, either with students/patients/clients/residents or staff. 

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) has a positive impact in community settings and is developing fast in the South West. My approach of Humanistic DMP is easily adapted to suit the client group and needs of the organisation. I work with groups (preferably no bigger than 8) and individuals.

An example of organisations and settings DMP can benefit (Non exclusive list)

  • Mainstream & special needs schools
  • Nursing homes & residential settings
  • Addiction rehabilitation/services
  • Mental health organisations
  • Hospice
  • NHS
  • Learning Disability & Autism organisations
  • Other community based settings

If you are interested in having DMP in your organisation but have questions that need answering, contact me and we can discuss how DMP will benefit your students/patients/clients/residents and bring a positive impact to the environment


CPD Workshops can be designed specifically for your staff, with your work place in mind. Workshops are creative, experiential, compassionate and nurturing as well as informative. The focus will be on enabling and empowering your team to explore what they already know, to access their creativity and be equals in the shared learning experience.

For further details on workshops go to the workshops and training page >


Workshops as Team building

If you are looking for staff development, team building, wanting to create a more compassionate, communicative and connected team then DMP based workshops can provide the necessary conditions for this. The creative and playful element of DMP, the focus on non-verbal communication and the shared experience, enables deeper connection and respectful understanding of one another.

Creative Embodied Supervision

Supervision is necessary for health care, teaching, therapeutic professionals to have a healthy and robust relationship to their work. I can offer group or individual supervision; this will be facilitated through discussion, artwork, movement and symbolic play. I can travel to your work place or your staff can come to me.

For further details on Supervision go to the Supervision page >

If you are interested in discovering more and the website doesn’t answer your questions feel free to contact me.