Welcome to my website, Dance with Difference, an inclusive, creative and compassionate Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP).

If you are looking for an affirming and creative avenue for self-exploration, expression or self-development then read some more.


I am a passionate believer in the power of the body to know what it is we need, we just have to listen and connect with our body to here the answers. This means approaching therapy from a holistic perspective, seeing, connecting and responding to everything you bring to the therapy space.

With an embodied and intuitive approach to our shared experience it is my role to enable the body mind connection to become apparent, for you to hear and feel the answers in your body and soul. This also means exploring the stories that we collect in our body, to feel the process of change and empowerment. As the therapist I am here to hold a safe enough space for this exploration; however long it takes or however hard the journey feels.


DMP provides an arena for this to take any shape it needs, we can sit on the floor together, be in stillness, connect with breath or dance through the space. Any expression of emotion has its place and music and props can aid this. Equally as the therapist I can either play witness or be in the movement and expression with you.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is a true meeting of soul to soul, it works on a physiological, emotional, psychological, cognitive and spiritual level – providing the opportunity for holistic healing and change.

It is the meeting of people, the being totally present in the moment of that meeting that excites me, the not-knowing of the creative process and body led work that means we ultimately need to let go of control.


Healing is possible with positive, compassionate and non-judgmental relationships in our lives. The therapeutic relationship provides space to discover our true-selves and explore all elements of this without shame. Creativity, movement and dance provide a medium for our bodies to lead the self-discovery, to tell our tales, to discover our hidden memories and unlock our potential.

There is no need for previous dance experience, due to its inclusive approach DMP can be accessed by people with the most minimal amount of movement, and communication. After all we can all dance on the inside.

All that is needed is a willingness to participate and knowledge that as the therapist I am not the one with the answers to the problems but I can guide you to find those solutions for yourself. Sometimes we need to take the focus away from the problem and solution and instead listen and feel what is being communicated and respond to those fundamental needs first.

If you are interested in discovering more about DMP, Creative Embodied Supervision, trainings & workshops and the website doesn’t answer your questions feel free to contact me via the contact page.